How Can New Jersey Continue Dr. King Legacy

New Jersey just elected Democratic Phil Murphy as governor. Rebuild Workforce Project, LLC will observe how the new administration will impact urban revitalization, career, and small business development in gentrified communities. Based on the list of his transition team, Governor Murphy is delivering the message that revitalization, high quality education, and workforce development is important. However, my goal is to analyze whether his policies will be effective in moving the state in the right direction.

New Jersey is a state with very high cost of living and has one of the highest property taxes in the nation. Not to mention, development projects in inner cities will cause these expenses to skyrocket at a rapid pace. In 1967, Dr. Martin Luther King started the poor people movement to fight for economic justice for those whom are struggling to get out of poverty. In the 21st century, developing middle to high level skills and wealth (in terms of investments and entrepreneurship) play a critical role in economic success.

Hopefully, the new Governor and state legislature will continue Dr King’s legacy by developing career, wealth building, and entrepreneurship-focus programs for low-income population. Most importantly, open opportunities for “locals” to contribute to development projects so they can preserve their economic and cultural status in these communities. Time will well as Phil Murphy is sworn in as Governor and how he plans to work with State Legislature.

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