Is it possible for Harlem Residents to Hold on to Harlem?

Based on this article, Harlem will resemble 34th street in Manhattan. As a result, displacement of the remaining of Harlem natives and expansion of chain stores will take place. As a child, who grew up in New Haven County CT, Harlem was one of the shopping hub for fashion clothes and coats. I can recall walking through 125th to observe rich arts and businesses that were created by low-income residents and minorities. Now, Harlem is transitioning into a community that increasingly attracts middle and upper class residents.

Community-based stores and restaurants are being replaced by major chains, which transition economic and political power. Since Columbia School of Business is scheduled to open in 2021, there will be a demand of housing and businesses that benefit students and employees. Therefore, increase in taxes and housing costs will be inevitable.  An example of the importance to expand resources that protect hardworking natives.

Change in Harlem

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