Mission and Services


Develop career pathways in targeted innovative regional sustainable, STEAM, and economic development initiatives for underserved youth and young adults. Manage operations through public and private sector collaborations.

targeted regional initiatives for career pathways: green energy, STEAM, and local Conservation & revitalization projects (environmental, economical, and cultural)
An independent consultant and conTRACTOr


Breakdown of Services:

Public-Private Sector Liaison 

  • Serve as a liaison between targeted industry clients and their youth or young adult-based institution partners in developing career pathway curriculum

    • Curriculum mostly consists of project-based assignments in classrooms or work-based learning experience on work sites

  • Partner with clients to organize career recruitment events and entrepreneurship workshops for underserved youth, young adults, and recent graduates

    • Recruit targeted industries to participate in this project

  • Collaborate with “main street” clients in recruiting underrepresented young professionals or interns to contribute their skills in neighborhood projects

  • Work with clients to secure grants and other funding source for these projects

Policy Advisor

  • Contribute research to policy institutes on subjects that align with mission and services

  • Advise public policy clients on initiatives that align with mission and services

Five Reasons Why is WCRC Unique?

  • Understand distinctive needs and maintain long-term relationships with public, private, and policy stakeholders that will produce diverse collaboration 

  • Knowledgeable about aligning K-16 institution, community, and targeted industry partners with work-based tools to produce innovative skills that will promote economic growth

  • Regularly research and adapt to any changing trends in targeted industries, workforce, stakeholders’ needs, and public policies that will impact future projects

  • Heavily target career pathway initiatives for participants between the ages of 8-26 

  • Results driven who will continue to measure success of projects for clients

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