Dream Collaborative: Building a Stronger and Sustainable Boston

Dream Collaborative is a full-service architecture, urban design, and real estate development firm. The amazing work perpetuated by Dream Collaborative consists of building sustainable and stronger urban communities within the Boston area. The company was founded by Gregory Minott and Tony Depeiza with a goal of building stronger livable neighborhoods in Greater Boston urban communities. Dream Collaborative is one of very few Boston-based minority-owned architecture and development firms. They boast an encouragement of diversity among staff members and consultants which will increase a new generation of minorities to enter the field.

Image by Dream Collaborative

Dream Collaborative’s diverse portfolio includes mixed-income and affordable housing, fitness centers, health clinics, and community centers. The leadership and staff has been participating in community activities to educate residents about how urban development impacts their neighborhoods. Most importantly, Minott and Depeiza visited a kindergarten class to educate students about the architecture profession and how they can make a positive impact in the future when they become adults. The architects provided materials for the activities; such as virtual glasses for a tour of model buildings, and 3D pop-up books about architecture. In addition, Dream Collaborative participated in an “Equitable Boston” panel to discuss how the implementation of the “Imagine Boston 2030” initiative can achieve more inclusion and equity for Boston residents..

Another Dream Collaborative initiative, the Westminster Ave Project, addresses rising housing prices and affordable senior housing in greater Boston area. The proposed 3-story building will contain 10 to 12 condo units in a mix of 1 bedroom flats with 2 or 3 bedroom town homes above. One unit will be an affordable unit; the rest will be market-rate. The units can be arranged to support multi-generational and extended families.


Image by 24 Westminster Avenue article via Dream Collaborative

The project is being supported by the Garrison Trotter Neighborhood Association, which is an organization that is part of the Department of Neighborhood Development’s Housing Innovation Competition; therefore in itself is “…an initiative aimed at driving down costs of newly constructed housing units by allowing for greater density.”

To learn more about Dream Collaborative and their work in the Greater Boston area, please go to: http://dreamcollaborative.com/


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