Memberships and Resources

Graphics by Deon Wilson


Northeast Economic Development Association Board Member

My role is to promote programs for emerging leaders who are new to the career and how career pathway programs align with effective economic development programs. Most importantly, increase diversity in economic development programs and field.

Hamilton Township Planning Board member

My role is working with other members to propose development applications for site plans, subdivisions, flood plain relief, etc. and the Master Plan and Zoning Ordinance review and modification.

Mercer County Workforce Development Board

My role is development policies that will expand education and career training for youth and low-income residents. In addition, market industries to locate in Mercer County to increase job opportunities for residents.

Association for Career and Technical Education

Focuses on expanding CTE programs and curriculum for K-20 education institutions. My target would be expansion of STEAM-based work-based learning, employer partnerships, and analyze how these programs would impact economic development.

New Jersey Futures

Sustainability projects in New Jersey

Mercer County Technical School Advisory

Attend meetings to discuss recruiting employers to provide work-based learning opportunities for students. Contributed to Comprehensive Needs Assessment for Perkins V.

Strong Towns

Strong Towns is an international movement that’s dedicated to making communities across the United States and Canada financially strong and resilient.

Perth Amboy Civic Trust

Civic Trustees are a new force for strengthening our cities’ ability to tackle tough issues.  They are committed to identifying evidence-based solutions to their city’s problems, and working together to implement them with a “no-blame” approach. They make a pledge to serve their city, with their fellow Trustees, by working together to make their city stronger than it is today. I serve on the education committee for K-12 and Higher Education.

Together North Jersey Task Force


A competitive North Jersey is a place where residents have the education, training, skills, and transportation needed to find (and get to) well-paying jobs. It supports innovation, collaboration, partnership and entrepreneurship in a flourishing 21st century economy.


A livable North jersey is a place where people of different lifestyles and life stages can find and afford a community that fits their needs. Livable communities are healthy, safe, inclusive, and vibrant places to live, work, play and raise a family.

New York City STEM Pathways Network

Part of the Advocacy priority group. Strengthen academic career readiness for K-12 students; exposes students to the many educational pathways, experiences, and professionals that can prepare them for STEM degree programs and careers in New York.

The Sustainability and Livelihood Research Organization (SULIVER)

Non-profit research organization that conducts independent, high quality applied research on sustainability and livelihood issues in the Global South. Suliver provides a strong support system for early career researchers through providing capacity building opportunities for education, research, institutional support and senior mentorship.

UNESCO-UNEVOC – United Nations

International Centre for Technical and Vocational Education and Training.

New Jersey Geographic Information Network (NJGIN)

State-wide Geography Information Systems network.!/

The New Jersey State League of Municipalities

Voluntary association created to help communities do a better job of self-government through pooling information resources and brain power. It is authorized by State Statute, and since 1915 has been serving local officials throughout the Garden State. All 565 municipalities are members of the League. Over 560 mayors and 13,000 elected and appointed officials of member municipalities are entitled to all of the services and privileges of the League.

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