Promote Public – Private Partnerships to expand STEAM-based career pathway initiatives for underserved youth and young adults that will increase diversity in contribution of economic growth and development

STEAM stands for Science Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math

WCRC contracts their services to particular clients, such as:

Elected Officials, Candidates, Employer Representatives from STEAM Industries, Education Leaders, Programs that Serve K-12 Students and Young Adults, Policy Institutes, Foundations, Economic development agencies, Architects, etc.


Breakdown of Services:

Career Pathway/Economic Development Advisor and Recruiter

  • Serve as a liaison to develop employer partnerships, career pathway curriculum, and evaluation tools for programs/institutions that serve such population

  • Facilitate recruitment programs so that underserved youth and recent graduates can gain access to career opportunities in the STEAM industry, entrepreneurship, and sustainability projects 

  • Recruit business representatives from underserved communities to participate or sponsor local cultural, economic, and environmental sustainability projects

  • Conduct research to analyze whether career pathway and employer recruitment projects effectively align with the needs of economic growth

Policy Advisor

  • Build working relationships with political stakeholders to advocate for initiatives and funding on a Federal, State, and Local level

Five Reasons Why is WCRC Unique?

  • Focuses on innovative careers that will prepare the current and next generation for economic growth initiatives and global market

  • Promotes professionals from underrepresented groups to participate in economic development projects

  • Utilizes Geography Information System (GIS) to conduct research for public policy projects

  • Targets career pathway initiatives for participants between the ages of 12-26 

  • Results driven that will continue to measure success of projects for clients

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