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The Significance of Work-based Learning for the Untapped Student Population in STEM

Work-based learning plays a role in building up students’ confidence and work ethic; especially in the sense when professional participants come from similar underrepresented backgrounds.  Past research has shown that underrepresented students are less likely to pursue STEM, therefore, hands-on assignments with professionals’ guidance can potentially break down that cycle. Since students will be able to assist in high-tech or scientific functions, these opportunities will provide them framework to the relevance of STEM courses. The Green industry can be an example because many career opportunities have a STEM component in maintaining… Read more The Significance of Work-based Learning for the Untapped Student Population in STEM

Introducing a Black Investment Opportunity in Baltimore

The Chicago TREND Corporation negotiated a contract to purchase the Walbrook Junction Shopping Center in Baltimore, MD. This group launched a crowdfunding campaign to allow Black entrepreneurs and community residents with as little as $1,000 to co-own the asset. Walbrook Junction Shopping Center is a 47,070-square-foot neighborhood shopping center, dual-anchored by Rite Aid and Save-a-Lot, and located at 3421 Clifton Ave in Baltimore, Maryland (the “Property”). Convenient to Downtown Baltimore, the Property offers easy access to public transportation, city thoroughfares (North Avenue, Route 40, MLK Jr. Blvd), and major highways (70, I-95, I-83,… Read more Introducing a Black Investment Opportunity in Baltimore

Transitioning the Term, “Career”

States are recognizing that career pathway initiatives are necessary in K-12. Students must become aware of the future that awaits them after high school graduation. Today’s economy is requiring talents to obtain innovative, entrepreneurial, and high skills as a strategy to gain some type of economic success. Not to mention, revitalization projects in urban cities, are calling for talents to utilize their artistic talents to preserve the culture that enriched these communities for years. Here’s the key: schools still have to follow a traditional curriculum to ensure that our students… Read more Transitioning the Term, “Career”

How Can New Jersey Continue Dr. King Legacy

New Jersey just elected Democratic Phil Murphy as governor. Rebuild Workforce Project, LLC will observe how the new administration will impact urban revitalization, career, and small business development in gentrified communities. Based on the list of his transition team, Governor Murphy is delivering the message that revitalization, high quality education, and workforce development is important. However, my goal is to analyze whether his policies will be effective in moving the state in the right direction. New Jersey is a state with very high cost of living and has one of… Read more How Can New Jersey Continue Dr. King Legacy

Is it possible for Harlem Residents to Hold on to Harlem?

Based on this article, Harlem will resemble 34th street in Manhattan. As a result, displacement of the remaining of Harlem natives and expansion of chain stores will take place. As a child, who grew up in New Haven County CT, Harlem was one of the shopping hub for fashion clothes and coats. I can recall walking through 125th to observe rich arts and businesses that were created by low-income residents and minorities. Now, Harlem is transitioning into a community that increasingly attracts middle and upper class residents. Community-based stores and… Read more Is it possible for Harlem Residents to Hold on to Harlem?